in•ter•de•pend•ent –adjective mutually dependent; depending on each other.

mar•ket•ing –noun the total of activities involved in the transfer of goods from
the producer or seller to the consumer or buyer, including advertising, shipping, storing, and selling.

the core


How Swift Direct Marketing Works

Direct Mail

Quality Data
Results Driven Mail

Print and Design

Flyers, Cards, Packaging, Signage & More

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the approach

Getting to Know You


We need to know about what you do. Our approach begins with the “mutual qualification process”. You need to know that we can serve your needs by allowing us to gain an inside perspective of what you do.

History Lessons


The best way for us to develop a custom program that suits your needs is to find out what you have done in the past. It is imperative for us to know what has and hasn’t worked in your history so that we can begin by eliminating waste and accentuating success.

Chef’s Kitchen


This is when we start to put all the ingredients together to make your marketing meal. We pride ourselves in finding that perfect flavor you and your clients. This comes to you as a formal proposal so that you can taste test and approve our approach.

Getting it Done


Here we work ceaselessly to execute our strategy. Design, print, programming, branding…you name, we’ll produce it to make sure your marketing campaigns are top quality and timely. Quality, strategy, deadline.

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